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What is a reflective foil?

Reflective films are films that reflect light. If you shine on the film – it will reflect the light as well as the reflector on the bike.

What is photoluminescent foil?

Photoluminescent foils are self-adhesive acrylic films, especially for safety signs. The exterior life of these films is 5 to 7 years. The film can be glued to almost all dry and wet surfaces, except for monomeric vinyl. Luminance after 10 minutes: 132 mcd / m2 (DIN 67510 gives 20 mcd / m2), 60 minutes luminance: 16 mcd / m2 (DIN 67510 specifies 2.8 mcd / m2), light emission time up to 11 h. fire protection meets the F1 class required by DIN 53 438-3. Luminous values ​​meet the requirements of DIN 67 50-1 (optical properties test according to DIN 67 510). It is characterized by good resistance to salt fog (DIN 50 021-SS).

Why and how to pay by credit or debit card?

It’s the most comfortable, fastest and safest way to pay for our stickers. You will save as compared to your COD. Compared to bank transfer, you save time, because in this case we are sending stickers after receiving a payment. This usually takes four business days. When paying by credit card, we see your payment immediately and we send the stickers immediately.

Click on the Go to PayPal button to make a payment to a secure page. If you are not registered with PayPal, find the text on the left of the page: “Do not have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account.” and click the Continue link. On this page, just fill out some of your card data and complete the payment.

Do you receive both cash on delivery and abroad?

We do not send cash on delivery abroad. We only send to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Foreign mail before you will pick up the shipment will require payment for cash transfer beyond the price of your order. The same case concerns a bank transfer, which is also expensive. The most convenient, fastest and most of all free of charge is credit or credit card payment. When completing your order, choose the “Pay Pal (Visa, Master card)” payment method. You will be redirected to a secured page where you make a payment by card.

What is a silhouette?

The silhouette is the design of the outline, the shadow, and the skirt. It is also a form of art, used mainly as a decorative drawing, known since antiquity. In this shop you will find decent silhouettes that are made of self-adhesive foil. You choose a close motive for us. We have over 3500 species in stock.

Are stickers designed for cars only?

Of course not! You can decorate anything with a sticker. For example: a window, a notebook, a cup, a motorbike, and so on. The labels are made of high-quality material that sticks to a lot of substrates.

What kind of material are the stickers made of?

The stickers are made of 75 micron monomeric rolled foil for signcutting. The films have a permanent adhesive.